Product Specification:

Description: Needle punch sport surface. Support layer of 100% structured polypropylene fiber with total impregnation in-filled with crushed brick clay.

Destination: Outdoor and Indoor tennis courts.

Support layer: Hot rolled impermeable asphalt 0/4-0/6, non-porous concrete. Porous asphalt. Base horizontal plane must be checked before starting installation. Deviations of 6mm under a 3 meters rule will be tolerated. Outside this limit the base must be leveled using an appropriate and approved technical solution.

Color: Red

Membrane Mass: 1.400g/m2 ± 10%

Membrane Thickness: 8.5mm ± 10%

Standard roll width :2m

Standard roll Length : 36.20m

Standard roll weight: 102kg

Fire Rating: Bf1 s1

Court markings: TOP CLAY® Line paint, approx. 60kg per court

Infill: 0/1mm TOP CLAY®approved clay infill 3 to 4.5 T. per court

Adhesive: Two component PU glue in stripes (approx. 750g/m2)

Playing features: ITF Category 1 <>
Ball Bounce and playing comfort identical to traditional clay courts.

Warranty: 10 years

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