Testing Equipment

Go Sportz offers specialized equipment for artificial turf. Go Sportz represents Deltec, which is a specialized company in manufacture of testing equipment.

These come in two ranges, The Pro Line & The Club Line. The former is meant for testing laboratories & offers a range of equipment for lab as well as field testing of artificial turf as well as athletic tracks. These include :-

  • 5A Impact Tester
  • Advance Artificial Athlete (Triple A)
  • Artificial Athlete (2A)
  • HIC Impact Tester
  • Vertical Ball Rebound Tester
  • Straight Edge
  • Ball Ramp
  • Rotational Resistance Tester
  • Lisport Wear Tester
  • Angle Ball Projector

The Club line range is meant for individual clubs, municipalities, maintenance & construction companies. The equipment helps to give you insight into the condition of your synthetic field.