Pulastic Comfort Court 50

Pulastic Comfort Court 50

Seamless point-elastic floor covering for outdoor multi-purpose use

Product Description

Pulastic Comfort Court 50 is a high-end multifunctional sports floor providing very good comfort and safety for training and competition, combined with excellent resistance to mechanical loads.

Pulastic Comfort Court 50 excels in multi-functionality and is thus approved by F.I.B.A. (International Basketball Federation) and the I.H.F. (International Handball Federation).

Pulastic Comfort Court 50 is manufactured under ISO 9001 for quality control and ISO 14001 for environmental care


  • Outdoor & Indoor
  • Training and competition of all common international ball and racket games
  • Physical education
  • Cultural events, exhibitions and a variety of non-athletic activities typical for multi-purpose facilities.

Characteristics / Advantages

  • Very good resiliency for comfort and injury prevention
  • Outstanding properties under typical outdoor influences such as moisture, UV and high/low temperatures (and big variations herein).
  • The dimpled design features proper ball behaviour as well as easiness to perform multi-directional movements.
  • Seamless, non-porous and smooth surface for easy maintenance, repair and resurface procedures
  • Sustainability through high content of recycled and renewable raw materials in combination with lasting performance through outstanding mechanical strength and wear resistance
  • Outstanding mechanical strength and wear resistance for minimum life cycle cost and maximum usability (return on investment)
  • Outstanding ball bounce
  • Wide colour selection with outstanding colour fastness
  • No glare for clear visibility of the durable line marking

Product Data

16 Classic colours and 16 Design colours as per manufacturers colour brochure.

Technical Data / System

Nominal thickness 5 mm
Shock absorption 12 % EN 14808
Vertical Deformation 0,6 mm EN 14809
Linear Friction (dry) 98 EN 13036-4
Linear Friction (damp) 0,3 Leroux
Ball Bounce 99 % EN 12235
Gloss 1 % EN 2813
Resistance to rolling load 0,14 mm EN 1569
Resistance to impact > 800 gr @ 10°C EN 1517
> 1200 gr @ 17°C EN 1517
Resistance to indentation 0,50 mm @ 5 min EN 1516
0,16 mm @ 24 hrs EN 1516
Resistance to wear 150 mg EN ISO 2813

Technical Data / Components

V.O.C. content - adhesive Solvent free
Resin composition Free of solvents and heavy metals
Elongation at break 180 % DIN 53455
Tensile strength 8 N/mm² DIN 53455
Tear strength 18 N/mm DIN 53515


Installation shall be carried out corresponding to manufacturers installation

instructions, by a manufacturer trained installer.

Conditions / Limitations

The subfloor shall correspond to manufacturers document “requirements prior to the installation of a Pulastic sports floor”.

Cleaning / Maintenance

The instructions for pre-treatment and cleaning corresponding to manufacturers document “Initial use and general maintenance tips for your Pulastic sports floor” shall be carried out to promote hygiene and assure that the floor retains its matt appearance and proper grip/sliding characteristics. This improves safety and enhances sport performance.

Value Base

All technical data stated in this System Data Sheet are based on laboratory tests. Actual measured data may vary due to circumstances beyond our control.