Sportec Fusion

Sportec Fusion

Sportec Fusion consists of technically advanced elastic layer of standard materials. This Combination prevents damage to joints and other injuries and is therefore particularly recommended for indoor sports facilities in schools, leisure center and multi-purpose building. The elastic layer and the top layer are delivered as pre-fabricated double-layer rolls. Less time is required during installation, because only the adhesion of the floor covering must be performed on the substrate.


Top layer: Fine-grain EPDM colour granules bonded with PU-elastomer.

Elastic layer: Fine-grain recycled tyre rubber granules bonded with PU-elastomer.

Dimensions / Tolerances / Weight :


  • 8 mm (± 0.6 mm)

Roll width:

  • 1,250 mm (± 1.5 %)

Roll length:

  • 15 m ( 1.5 %)

Area weight:

  • approx. 8.3 kg/m²