Importance of Nutrition for Sports People

  • by Admin
  • May 3, 2019

A nutritional diet is imperative for health, which has been intended to channelize the flow of energy in the body. And when it is the matter of maintaining diet for the sports people, it should be proportionate enough to save time from being lethargic. Certainly, the game of nutrition is not just limited to the consumption of carbohydrates or proteins. It is way beyond this as sports people needs to accommodate minerals, vitamins, and fibers in their diet plan. So, consuming the right proportion of such nutrition is extensively mandatory. Being a source of energy, it helps sportsmen or women to perform with activity with high enthusiasm. And it is rightly known that high energy levels are mandatory to excel in sports.

At the basic level, it should be known that the food eaten by sports people affect their overall metabolism. This includes strength, training time, performance of the activity and recovery process after the activity. Besides understanding the importance of the food eaten, there is a need to keep a check over the time slot allotted to eat a meal every day. Erratic eating hours can affect the body purposely and even the performance level of the sports people. Apart from this, the eating hours of a sportsman affects his body’s capability to recover after an exercising session. So, it is mandatory to maintain proper eating schedule. It is the right eating schedule that will help athletes to perform exceedingly well in their sports.

Certainly, meals eaten before and after exercising have an immediate effect on an athlete’s body. They are said to be an important source of nutrition for them. Indeed, the athletes should eat 2 hours before exercising, which should include more of carbohydrates and less of fats as well as proteins. Proteins are intended to gain muscle mass and should be avoided in excessive quantity before a sportsman’s performance. It is the carbohydrates that work as the major source of power for preparing athletes to carry out their sports activity or even exercises. On the other hand, protein is needed for muscle repair that can be taken after the sports activity has been finished.

It is post exercising session that one should replace carbohydrates with proteins as it relaxes muscle mass and ensures proper muscle recovery without doubt. Certainly, one should be aware of the fact that protein has to be included in the post training meals. And the proportion of carbohydrates as well as proteins tends to vary as per the nature of the sports activity. This happens to channelize the balance in a sports person’s body as per their individual sport. So, it is always better for the athletes to take assistance from experienced nutritionists, who plan diet charts for players.

Sports Nutrition as a specilised field is gaining popularity & has given a valid career opportunity to sports people who have been unable to make their mark as professional sportspersons.