Haro Melbourne 65

Haro Melbourne 65

The healthy ASB sports floor is 70mm high and has the following advantages:

  • The top layer of the multi-layer sports floor is made of 3.5mm thick wood, either maple,oak or ash tree. Cross layering makes this floor elastic in every direction and no longer that sensitive to humidity.
  • The new elasticity of the whole construction means low impact – the ASB Sports Floor = the healthy floor.
  • This new floor structure makes the ASB Sports Floor a long-living floor.
  • The blind floor’s structure prevents any breaking through of the upper layer. The whole layer is bedded on rubber pads in intervals of 50cm.
  • The ASB SportsFloor is anti-slip due to its special deep impregnation and its rought sanding.
  • This structure helps to absorb sweat.
  • The floor surface has got more grip.
  • Any “Creaking” is prevented by a foil between the upper layer and the substructure.


  • 20mm rubber pads anchored to a sub-floor by clamps and nails.
  • 17mm sub-floor made of sprunce planks laid in longitudinal direction
  • 17mm counter floor made of sprunce planks load distribution layer, nailed crosswise onto the lower layer.
  • 0.03mm PE foil, 10% overlapped, loosely laid out
  • 12.6mm squash parquets with solid hard ash-wood top layer (3,6mm) stapled onto the counter floor

SST surface with a special sanding and a depth impregnation for squash and racket sports. Furnished with an acrylic resin-finish (40 to 50g/sqm)

Technical Data / Components

Installation from the top edge of raw concrete HARO MELBOURNE 65
HARO elastic beam

Consisting of a spruce wooden beam with pads

Distance Centre to Centre : 500mm

Laid out in longitudinal direction of the hall

HARO counter is nailed crosswise onto the HARO elastic beam, distance Centre to Centre : 137mm

The Spruce is:

· Kiln dried

· Planed all over

· Parallel hemmed

PE-foil, 10% overlapped, laid out loosely 0.03 mm
HARO sports parquet Premium

Stapled onto the HARO counter floor

Solid hardwood top layer 3.6mm

Slip resistant SST surface with special polish and

Construction height 56.6mm