All Glass Court (Show Glass Court)

All Glass Court (Show Glass Court)

The ASB glass court is used for major international tournaments featuring the world’s leading players. The court has been a major feature of the common-wealth Games, where a movable side wall instantly converted the playing area into a doubles court.

The Glass court has a stunning appearance and allows promoters and event organizers to stage major tournaments in superb locations in a creative and innovative fashion. The ASB Glass Court is popular among players for providing ideal playing conditions and is acclaimed by the TV industry for creating a dramatic setting that adapts perfectly to the demands of such a high-speed televised sport.


The Glass

All glass construction – No metal structure to hold the glass or elements of the lighting system. The visibility, easier transportation and a better overall appearance of the court.

Large Bottom Panels

Allow for faster assembly and enhanced viewing characteristics. Also the playability and consistent ball bounce is improved due to fewer gaps. This is a unique feature of the ASB Show Glass Court