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Go sportz offers a range of synthetic turfs for various sports applications, viz. Cricket, Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Golf, Tennis & multisport areas.

The products are specifically developed for top-class performances and meet the most stringent criteria and highest standards required for the sport. It will provide optimum playing comfort and maximum safety for players. In addition, maintenance costs are low and artificial turf offers a high durability. Club officials & associations have the assurance that the field is tested and approved. Go sportz offers a wide range of turf types with varying thickness & densities depending on the application.

Besides the specific turf for the main playing area, Go Sportz also offers a range of turfs for the periphery areas. These can be “non-infill”, thus saving on costs of installation & regular maintenance.

Powerball 50
Powerball F55
Green Diamond
Tennis Master
Traction 40
Go Sportz also undertakes maintenance of the synthetic turf.